About Us


Miguel Olfindo

CEO | Creative Director | Technical Director

Contrary to what you see in this photo, Miguel happens to be one of the most unconventional CEOs in the country. Often dressed down and laughing, he creates a very warm atmosphere in the company. An outstanding photographer and cinematographer, Miguel is the art behind OTT. He is a tedious perfectionist and a technological geek, who sees no boundaries as the only boundary of innovation. 

Kaye Olfindo

Executive Producer

An outgoing introvert who lives and breathes the business, Kaye is the spine that holds the company together. Unfazed by making the toughest decisions, she is the reason OTT gets to flex its muscles and show off. She is a relentless multi-tasking guru with a no-nonsense professional culture. Above all of that, she is a loving wife to Miguel and a doting mother to two beautiful daughters, Talia and Erin. 


Miko Tabuena

Associate Producer

Born with a spoon of exquisite taste in her mouth, Miko has the ability to stitch a hard drive full of stagnant content into a full-blown story. An early product of the notorious millennial era, she makes dealing with this breed of people a whole lot easier. She oversees the company's on-site production and troubleshoots issues on the fly. She loves to travel and is a wife to Don and a new mother to Luna.

Enzo Teodoro

Marketing director | business development

Perhaps the most charismatic and polarizing character in OTT, Enzo is the last letter in the company that bears his name. A smooth talking and dapper towering figure with years of experience from the automotive and publishing world, Enzo has changed the business dynamic of this company. He is also the eloquent writer and content creator who just wasted a minute of your time writing this. 


Maan Palmenco

sales director

A shark and a closer from one of the country's toughest industries, Maan brings a methodical approach to the way she conducts business. However, she is best known for overfeeding everyone at the office. Her ultimate dream is to build a foundation for the less fortunate in hopes that she can impart values of kindness to her son, Austin. 

Yves Angeles

Art Director

Yves is the Swiss-knife of the company. He brings the director's vision to the screen through precise and tasteful camera work, both in stills and in motion. He takes the lead in turning raw footage into a post-production work of art. He is Miguel's double and executes the way his boss has mentored him over the years. He is also an avid car guy.


Homer Sabaot


You might find this title a little bit funny, but if you stay and watch this man at work, you'll realize that it is everything but that. A man of a very few words when away from a bottle of tequila, Homer has the capability to execute what you have in your imagination, except he does it better than you could have ever known possible. He is the company's heart and soul.